Corporate Citizenship

Cash America has a strong commitment to corporate citizenship and is dedicated to serving communities through a comprehensive giving program and community outreach initiatives. Cash America’s core value, “We act with a servant’s heart,” serves as the foundation for the company’s responsibility to the communities where we live and work. The company partners with organizations that align with Cash America’s core values and fit within the four designated giving areas of community support.

Cash America considers working with qualified nonprofit organizations throughout the United States whose mission and purpose support the following:
  • Education
  • Public safety
  • Families in need
  • Disaster relief
Cash America generally does not support the following:
  • Individuals
  • Religious organizations
  • Fraternal, social labor or alumni organizations
  • Organizations that fund other organizations
  • Organizations that align themselves with groups opposed to our industry
  • Recreational, sporting events or athletic associations
  • Organizations that discriminate based on age, race, religion, color, gender, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status
Cash America’s corporate citizenship initiative reinforces the company’s commitment to its core values and the belief that providing people with short term credit solutions leads to stronger families, workplaces and communities.

JDRF®, an organization dedicated to creating a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D), has been Cash America’s charity of choice for the past 15 years. Through an annual nationwide sneaker sales campaign and the Walk to Cure Diabetes, Cash America and its family of brands have raised $3.5 million for the organization.
To be considered for a community partnership:
Download the monetary charitable donation request form or the in-kind charitable donation request form to submit a request to Cash America’s Corporate Citizenship Team.

Send the completed request form and any information related to the event or cause associated with the request to:

Corporate Citizenship Program
Cash America
1600 W. 7th St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102
or Fax to 817-570-1645

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