Disaster Relief

Cash America is committed to helping communities recover from disasters by supporting the American Red Cross. By contributing annually to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Program, we are able to lend support to all areas of the country that have been impacted by natural disasters. Our contribution helps provide shelter, food and comfort to those affected.

In addition, Cash America donates items to aid in disaster recovery efforts such as generators, flashlights, air conditioning units and chainsaws.

Specifically, Cash America has proudly supported:

  • 2013 Moore, Okla. tornado – Cash America partnered with the Oklahoma City Jazz Orchestra to create “Give Moore Music,” a drive to help replace musical instruments lost in the EF-5 tornado that destroyed two schools. More than 100 instruments were donated in total, with Cash America shops donating over 60 of those instruments.
  • Tornado relief in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Midwest.
  • 2010 Haiti earthquake − When disaster struck in Haiti, Cash America provided financial assistance to the American Red Cross, aiding efforts to relieve those whose lives were devastated by the disaster.
  • Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts.

If you wish to join Cash America in supporting the America Red Cross, click here to donate.

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