Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day: The unofficial kickoff to summer conjures up images of sizzling barbeques, pool parties, big sales and family gatherings. While we all enjoy a relaxing day off from work, this is far from the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is an opportunity to honor the brave men and women in the Armed Forces who have given their lives defending our freedom. It's a day to give thanks to the heroes who'll never get the opportunity to enjoy what they fought so hard to protect. It's a time to reflect on the sacrifices they've made throughout the years so we can feel safe and secure in this great nation.

We must also honor the husbands and wives, the children, and the mothers and fathers who've lost a spouse, a parent or a child too early in life. It's important to show our gratitude and our appreciation for the loved ones they've lost.

At Cash America, we proudly honor the men and women of the Armed Forces who've made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our barbeques, our pool parties and our long weekends with friends and family. We encourage you to enjoy your weekend festivities, but please, don't forget the true reason we celebrate Memorial Day.

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