Safety Programs

Cash America works closely with law enforcement in the fight against crime, and as part of this, the company trains employees to look for suspicious activity, recognize stolen property and rewards them for keeping those items out of stores. We also have programs in place to assist our customers and local law enforcement in the recovery of lost or stolen merchandise.

In December 2002, Cash America became the first pawnshop company to report transactions via LeadsOnline − a website used to help police identify possible stolen items during criminal investigations. Through the program, law enforcement investigators are able to search one centralized, national database of transactions at the touch of a finger, saving investigators considerable time when compared with the traditional process of sorting through stacks of paper tickets by hand.

Since Cash America began participating in Leads Online, hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country have subscribed to the program, eliminating costly steps and inefficiencies traditionally involved with property crime investigations.

Operation I.D.

In an effort to protect personal property, Cash America developed a complimentary property identification kit − Operation I.D. The free kit, available in our pawnshops, offers a place to record important property information (serial numbers, model numbers, dates of purchase, purchase price and detailed descriptions) and a pocket to store receipts and photos of belongings. The kit outlines how victims of property crime can work with local law enforcement agencies in the event that property is stolen. Keeping complete and accurate descriptions of property is essential to help recover stolen items.

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